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The Väistö Group is an international leader in the sheltering business, bringing together a variety of subsidiaries in the Sheltering, blast protection, CBRN protection and other similar businesses.
TEMET is the brand name in blast protection, CBRN filtration and special ventilation technology providing full range of high-quality products for hardened civilian and operational shelters worldwide. TEMET’s technology is also successfully utilized in many industrial applications.
TEMET´s high quality products ensure the functionality of the shelter. TEMET can assist the customer all the way from designing phase to the commissioning of the finalized shelter.
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As a pioneer in its field of business, Suoja-Expert Oy is a Finnish civil defence company that serves its customers in Finnish domestic market. Its product range and services encompass everything from building civil defence shelters and renovating them to installing the required equipment and ventilation systems.
Customer relationships are based on top know-how and long-term collaboration. Expertise and high-quality service are among the keystones of the business.
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Figere Oy offers the best rock construction services to municipalities, cities & other construction professionals. Involved in some of the world's most exciting projects.
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